Will 2018 be the best year ever for the forgotten children of Chernobyl?


This is the 11th year we continue to welcome children from the Chernobyl region of Belarus to Surrey. The children arrive for their month of respite on Sunday 17th June - 15th July.


We are urgently looking for a host familiy for a child in need of a loving home for a month. 

Are you a family willing to open your home and your hearts? Can you treat a child from Belarus age 8 as your own for a month? Would you involve a host child in your family activities?  Do you have a spare bed/room?  We'd love to hear from you.  


contact us: enquiries@woking-focc.org.uk


You will need to live in the Woking area or be available to drop off and collect from Pyrford Monday to Friday. 


Or would you simply like to get involved but not commit to hosting? 


 We are also looking for a host family for an interpreter.



2016 marks the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster that shook the world and left a legacy of distress, hardship and illness that continues today. We are a local charity that aims to relieve the suffering of disadvantaged Belarusian children affected by the consequences of the environmental and social changes from the nuclear accident at Chernobyl.  The world appears to have forgotten these children and the difficulties they face everyday.  We are hoping you will help them by giving us your support in any way you can.  This can be a donation, warm clothing or some simple volunteering once a month to support our activities.




12 needy children have already completed their program of 5 years of visits from 2007-2012.


A second group of 12 children began their annual 4 week visits in 2013.


Our Objectives


The key elements of our programme are to provide:



  • a good home with a loving and caring family for one month
  • fresh clean air and surroundings
  • nourishing healthy food and lots of it!
  • dental care
  • optical care
  • medical care and vitamins to take home
  • schooling and further education - to learn lots more about our country and our way of life
  • lots of fun activities


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